Inside California is produced by Bouyer Productions. Inside California focuses attention on revealing the positive news, entertainment, and information generated by the innovative and pace-setting
companies and individuals, with businesses and homes, based right here in California.
Inside California is an information/entertainment (“info-tainment”) television program, featuring all the right
reasons why we live in this great State.
Inside California is about: Innovation, education, technology, recreation, real estate, entertainment, and commerce… It’s about all that California delivers to its
residents and the world.
Inside California is about “what’s working”, and how what’s not working is being fixed.

On our website, viewers can watch clips of our shows, and offer program ideas for future shows. Viewers can exchange information and ideas on how to fix existing issues, and how to avoid future
problems, before they arise. Responsible comments (from our viewing audiences) will be added to the programming schedule, for future shows.

Mission Statement

At Inside California, our mission is to focus on what’s “right” about California, by counter-balancing all the sensational bad publicity, with even more sensational good news about what’s working in
California, and what’s being done about what’s not working.
Management & On-Camera Team

Bouyer Productions is a Multimedia Productions company, founded in 1980, by owner/operator—L. Michael Bouyer. Michael is a product of a University of Santa
Clara education. Michael has taught multimedia studies throughout California, since 1986, and is a former faculty member at San Francisco State University
Multimedia Studies Department. His classes have been seen on CNN World News, the BBC, and Nippon TV, and Heads of State and heads of industry have visited
his programs in progress. Michael has been Director of Professional Education for the Professional Media Network of Greater San Jose. He Has been on the Board
of Directors for Vallejo Community Access TV and the Vallejo Community Arts Foundation. He has been a member of several Chambers of Commerce, and been
active in producing television and print productions for clients from Africa to Healdsburg (and hundreds of places in between) for over 33 years. (Samples of his
work can be seen on his website:
Jaclyn Michelle Kornreich

Jaclyn is one of our newest Hosts, and she has already captured the
viewing audience's hearts. A recent graduate (with honors) from Sonoma
State University, Jaclyn has a blasted onto the Inside California screen, with
her unique brand of curiosity and her zest for life. Her TV career has
already included Producing, Interning, and Acting in commercials,
documentaries, series programs, and now as Host of her own discovery
travel segments, for Inside California.
Cera Hinton

Cera is one of our most senior Hosts. Cera and Michael produced two years of shows
(entitled: What's uP Vallejo?") in an effort to help re-brand Vallejo as a city on the mend.
With a degree in Political Science, Cera can produce interesting and entertaining TV
segments on any subject--Politics, Real Estate, Entertainment, Travel... but her love of
sports keeps her focused on FUN! She is an avid motorcyclist, wake-boarder, skier,
gymnast... and she's back home, working with Inside California.
Aja Hayden-Myer

Aja graduated from Sonoma State University, with a degree in
communications. Her passion is travel, culture and good food. She enjoys
learning about the world and sharing it with others. She splits her time
between school and work, helping people at a brain imaging facility. She
has experience modeling for both local and international brands.  Aja was in
charge of the news group for her schools TV station, and was an intern at
KCRA where she was pursuing a career in news broadcasting, but she says
her dream job is to host her own travel show.
Letty Jene'

Letty graduated Full Sail University with a degree in Film and has taught Video and Film
production for YMCA after school programs. As a producer Letty has worked on various film
and music video projects, including her own self-produced Television program "Reggae
Central" a Carribean themed show focused on culture, travel, carribean lifestyle and featured
interviews with some of the most prestigious names in Carribean music and history! She
has also produced programming covering a host of prestigious events such as the BET
Awards Press Conferences and Red Carpet, Source Awards, Billboard Music Awards and
The Jamerican Film Festival Produced by "Cheyrl Lee Ralph" just to name a few.
Ariana Escalante - Executive Producer/On-Camera Host

Ariana is an experienced host and interviewer with an amazing work ethic and passion for life. A former high-adventure guide, she is always looking to discover new
experiences, travel destinations, and cultures. In addition to her acting and hosting experience, Ariana is a business professional specializing in logistical planning, event
production, and finance. This background makes her a great fit as Executive Producer on our Inside California team. Below is a short list of companies she has

Samsung     Xenadrine     The Amazing Race     LiveTrax Concert Productions      Coors      Miller      Blue Moon      ZAGG      Pureology      Color Proof     Big Sexy Hair
Axe     Nature Valley     Savage Rush     Tres Royale Clothing Line     Mika Rose Clothing Line     The Clique Clothing Line     David’s Bridal     Mountain Khaki   
Arby’s     Like Spin Win     Vibrao     Bee A Healthy Home      Cornerstone Real Estate     Card Service Merchants