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Bouyer Productions (Now located in the South of Sacramento/West of the Stockton area) is a 37-year old Multimedia Productions business, with roots in Los
Angeles, and the majority of its history growing out of the San Francisco/San Jose/Oakland Bay Area.

Beginning with a foundation in Sales Management, Communications, and Mechanical Engineering, Michael Bouyer (Bouyer Production’s founder and principle multimedia
producer) discovered his talent for developing effective advertising concepts, and creating visual and auditory vehicles to deliver them. With still photography, videography,
and graphic design as his tools, Michael acquired some impressive clients: Black Angus, Spoons, Applebees restaurants, Ross Clothing Stores, Best Western Motels,
TIME Magazine, Designers Illustrated Magazine, and Local Color Magazine, Intel, IBM, Suntrips Airlines, just to name a few. As his career progressed through the 80’s
and 90’s, Michael photographed celebrities and politicians locally and abroad: Former South African President--Nelson Mandela, Former Jazz Great--Dizzy Gillespie,
Jazz Performer--Kaiko Matsui, Former Miss Olympia--Rachel McLish, Richard Dean Anderson (played TV’s McGyver), Edward James Olmos (from TV’s Miami Vice),
The San Francisco 49’ers, Former Olympic Gold Medalists--Bruce Jenner and Pablo Morales, and dozens more.

During the early years, Michael added teaching to his offerings. As the Director of Professional Education for the Professional Media Network of San Jose, and as a
Community Education teacher for a half dozen Recreation and Parks departments, from Los Angeles, through Santa Maria and the San Jose area, and Los Altos/Mt.
View, Burlingame, to Petaluma and Healdsburg, Michael built a name as an informative and entertaining instructor, first in photography and photo darkroom techniques, then
more 21st Century skills, like: 3-D Animation and Graphic Design, Desktop Publishing, Website Design, and Digital Image Editing, Digital Video and Audio Editing.
Through the mid and late 90’s, and continuing until 2001, Michael developed multimedia curriculum for institutions from San Francisco State University to Healdsburg’s
Foss Creek Elementary School. (Other schools included: Palo Alto High School Adult Education, Leland High School Adult Education in San Jose, and
Healdsburg Unified School Districts, Vallejo Unified School District, Fairfield Unified School District,  and the River Delta Unified School District).

Michael has been a General Manager for several Corporations, including: Great Expectations, OfficeMax, Dollar Tree Stores, as a Customer Services Manager at
Target, and an Operations Manager for the Home Depot. Having managed nearly 400 employees, and annual budgets from 2 to 52 million dollars, Michael has the creative
AND the business experience, to understand what does and what does not work, in the advertising, marketing, and management of most types of businesses.

Michael is also the Founder of GBATTV (located at: and he is the Founder of GBA-ARTA (located at: and he is the creator of
the documentary: The Delta Legacy (located at:

Contact Bouyer Productions whenever you, or anyone you know, has a need you think we may be able to fill. We will be happy to meet with you, to discuss your needs.
Whether it’s a “Concept to Completion” marketing campaign, or a simple brochure, or a basic website, we’re here to make
you look good.

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Michael Bouyer
Bouyer Productions / Bouyer Consulting
A little about Bouyer Productions

As moral and ethical family person, who also runs a business, my mission is simple: I intend to exceed the expectations of my clients
by providing value added products and services that enhance or enrich the lives of other families and businesses, like mine.
L. Michael Bouyer Sr